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My SEO services aren’t suited to everyone

I love helping businesses achieve success they never thought was possible. However, I cannot help everyone.

This is because I limit the number of clients I work with at any one time, and I don’t work on projects I believe won’t see a return on investment within a reasonable time frame.

I also don’t work with businesses who are direct competitors of another business I have previously helped.

In addition to these ethical standards, my criteria for working with clients is as follows:

1. You must already have an active and healthy business

You need to have clients and customers already calling and spending money with you.

I don’t help start-ups or new businesses get off the ground – I help established businesses expand in their market.

2. You must understand ROI

Rankings are great but revenue is what keeps you in business.

My SEO service isn’t cheap but it delivers a great ROI because I work to achieve results that matter.

Helping you succeed in your market is expensive, and I need to invest in many resources to get you great results. This is why it’s important you understand return-on-investment(ROI).

Consider this – do you really think a company selling SEO for $500 a month will invest enough time and energy into your success?

3. You must be able to wait 9 to 12 months before ‘cashing in’

SEO takes time. You cannot game the system quickly.

Google has safe-guards preventing this and may ban your website from search if they suspect any questionable practices.

I only perform white-hat SEO techniques that conform to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines for quality SEO.

Although I don’t lock you into a contract, I won’t accept any client who isn’t willing to trust me to complete the work I’ve planned for the full twelve months.

Will you see any short-term results, or will you see steady growth throughout your campaign? Most likely, but this will depend on your specific circumstance which we can discuss later.

They are my requirements.

If you meet the above criteria and would like to speak with me personally about getting you great results, then I am happy to set aside some time for you.

Simply fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch to discuss your situation.

Please fill out the form honestly and completely, as this information helps me to know if I am able to help you.

Thank you for considering me for your SEO project.

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