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SEO services for small business

Digital Nova’s SEO services for business, help you get found by people searching for the products or services you sell, so you can sell more.

Let’s increase your sales with the right audience

A recent consumer survey by BrightLocal reveals that 99% of people used search engines to find local businesses in the last year.

So being found in search results is key to getting more customers and increasing your revenue.

By optimising your website for search and your business’ online presence, I can deliver your message to the right audience to help you increase sales.

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Triple your product enquiries like Belco

I transformed Belco’s website from a search-challenged liability, to a revenue-generating asset that tripled their product enquiries from search.

Would you like more enquiries for your products or services?

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Grow your business like Deva Thai Spa

After months of waiting for a website that never arrived, Deva asked for my help. I built a mobile-friendly website in just two weeks that delivered new clients from Google Search within three months.

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Cancel your SEO like QMS Electrical

When I first partnered with QMS their website only ranked for their business name. After only six months, QMS cancelled my SEO service because they couldn’t keep up with the additional work and enquiries.

Would you like more leads for your business?

A laptop and mobile displaying the QMS Electrical website

Why choose my SEO service?

Industry Experience

I’ve been optimising business directories and websites since 2010. My proven strategy always gets positive results.

Limited Client Base

To ensure your project receives the focus and attention it needs, I cap the number of clients I work with at any one time.

I am an SEO Specialist

SEO is all I do. I don’t sacrifice your results by trying to manage a range of digital marketing services.

Common questions about SEO services

It’s understandable, you have questions. I get that. In fact I get it alot. So here are my answers to some of the more common questions I get asked about SEO services.

What are SEO services?

SEO services (when done correctly) help you increase your online visibility so you can be found and seen by more people searching for what you provide; Whether that be products, services or information.

While the main focus is improving your visibility in organic search, I often utilise other online resources to help improve your digital footprint, and generate interest around your business or brand.

To achieve the best results from SEO, I apply many skills from the following areas:

  • research
  • web design
  • graphic design
  • web development
  • copywriting
  • marketing
  • data analysis
  • reporting

Depending on what your project needs to succeed, the level of work required from each of these speciality areas will vary.

That’s why SEO is a custom solution to the problem your business wants solved.

You cannot expect to receive great results using the cookie-cutter approach that some agencies offer.

If you receive a pre-printed proposal for work from an SEO agency without them first learning about and understanding your business goals, think very carefully about handing them your money.

Your business and website are not the same as any other business’, so how can the solution to your problem be the same?

What do SEO services include?

SEO services vary among different providers. Some only perform technical SEO, and others might only focus on link building.

I take a holistic approach and address as many of Google’s 200+ ranking factors as possible, to ensure your project has the best chance of success.

Every website and business is different, as are the strategies required to achieve positive results. So not every website needs or receives the same service.

To give you an idea of what your project might require, here are just some of what SEO for your business might include:

  • Learning about your business goals and objectives
  • Understanding your audience and how they search for what you offer
  • Assessing your website’s current search posture
  • Auditing your website to find issues limiting performance
  • Reverse-engineering your competitors’ success
  • Researching keywords and search volumes
  • Creating a personalised SEO strategy
  • Improving website architecture
  • Reducing duplicate content and removing index bloat
  • Implementing technical optimisations
  • Improving page load times and reducing server load
  • Optimising product and service pages
  • Internal and external link optimisation
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Content optimisation
  • Image optimisation
  • and much more.

As you can see, SEO services can include various tasks depending on your business goals, your website’s health, your competitors, and many other factors that can influence the progress of your campaign.

These factors are also why the price for SEO services cannot be standardised, and why your business should not rely on the ready-made campaigns that many digital agencies apply to their clients’ projects.

How much do SEO services cost?

There isn’t a simple answer to this question, as the cost for SEO services is based on your needs and your website.

Some websites only require a few technical optimisations to unlock their ability to perform well in search.

Others require long-term strategies to build authority and help them surpass their competitors to become industry leaders.

So how much you pay for SEO will depend on where your website currently sits, what you want to achieve, and how soon you want it done.

My service is based on hours. If you want faster results, I need to work more hours.

If you want to target high-volume keywords in a competitive industry, I need to spend more money on additional resources.

If your website is just starting out and you have a limited budget to spend on SEO, it’s going to take longer to see a return on your investment.

What I generally recommend is this, if your project requires a long-term strategy, you should avoid paying anything less than $1000 per month if you want to see results that will improve your business.

“$1000 every month?” you say. “That’s a week’s wages!”

Yes for some people it is. But let me ask you this, could you grow your business working only twelve weeks each year? I can.


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